Mediumship and psychicism


If you open yourself to mediumship and trying to develop the psychic ability you are getting involved in a world you don’t really understand. If you practice listening for disincarnate voices and opening the third eye and other spiritual energy centres you are artificially stimulating areas that should be left to develop naturally and under God’s order.

A medium or psychic does not really know the entity they are communicating with. It may present itself in some form, or claim to be someone, or give a name, but the visions and audio picked up could be from any type of entity. A disincarnate spiritual entity may claim to be a deceased person, a Spirit guide, an alien, but the medium is blindly accepting their claim as such without full knowledge.

Did it ever occur to you the spiritual entity could be lying? When I was into the new age around the year 2000 I became interested in all of this stuff, trying to awaken the third eye, trying to astrally project, communicate with the dead (mediumship/necromancy), and even channelling. At the time, like all mediums and psychics I blindly assumed the entities were what they claimed to be.

The main incident of mediumship I experienced was while I was in a chatroom online. Until then I wasn’t sure if when I discerned a voice it was just my imagination, or was actually another disincarnate intelligence. This incident proved to me that there are other entities involved in this phenomena.

I was in a Christian chatroom and I heard the two distinct names being spoken, not physically audible so that someone else could hear it, but like a thought form, the same level of sound as one hears when they think something to themselves in their head. The voice said tell them “Daniel” and “Alexandria” are OK now. I can’t remember now what the names actually were, but they were not highly common names. So I typed that into the chatroom and after a few seconds one of the members became very disturbed. they became annoyed and began asking me how I knew those names and “did I know those people?”. I said no, but this was a message I had. The person continued to be disturbed and eventually revealed that she knew two people by those names who had recently died in a car crash. I was shocked, but at the same time took it as amazing confirmation of my ability to hear those who had passed on. Another thing that added to the authenticity was that it was a christian room, not a psychic room, so no one was wanting to hear psychic messages, or believing such things were true, the shock and disturbed nature of the person also proved to me they were not some how going along with it, I hadn’t even pre-warned the room I was listening to disincarnate voices. To hear one surname related to someone who had just lost a friend is one thing, but to pick up two names and those two names to have passed recently in connection with that person to me is way beyond coincidence.

This proved to me there are disincarnate entities and a Spiritual, non physical world. I now believe these disincarnate entities are demonic in nature now though, and not disincarnate relatives or enlightened spirit guides. The main goal from a spiritual point of view for the demon (fallen angel) is to promote the idea that there is no hell or judgment by God at death, but rather than we all move into an ethereal spiritual limbo awaiting reincarnation. So in promoting mediumship, psychic communication, necromancy the demon and the agenda of satan is to spread the spiritual deceptions of reincarnation, no judgment from God, no hell, and this spiritual in-between limbo condition. This also leads a person away from God, the bible and into a more new age, occultic belief system, and ultimately away from Christ, God and Holiness. Through promoting mediumship and psychicism the fear of God is lost, objective right and wrong, the uniqueness of Christ and the need to repent of sin and wrong doing. All of God’s authority and judgment is replaced with the eastern beliefs of karma and reincarnation, this is where the deception comes.

I was very much into spiritualism and psychics for several years. I used to like watching them on TV and through this experience I had proof something real was going on. At the time I thought it was great and part of the self enlightenment process, but in reality we have no idea of the entities we are picking up on and getting spiritually connected with. I gradually moved my focus into tibetan buddhism over the next few years and away from spiritualism and mediumship. I began moving into serious meditation and the focus and interest in mediumship seems to fade into the background. From what I spiritually discern now, and through several testimonies of people who have died and returned to see the spiritual realm, I believe demons are posing as departed relative, spiritual guides, aliens to try and lead us away from God and Christ and into new age, moral relativism, eastern mysticism and ultimately hell.

My advice to those trying to listen to dead spirits or developing the third eye or astral projection would be to stop. You have no idea of the forces you are meddling with. The demonic realm are masters of deception and naive spiritual seekers are being deceived and lead astray. True Spirituality in the highest form is in Christ, God and the Bible, holiness. If you repent of your sins and receive the Holy Spirit you will begin to be more Spiritually discerning and pick up a dark, dirty feeling in association with the new age, spiritualism and eastern mysticism. That “dirty” feeling I began to discern was the true malevolent dark forces operating behind the new age and mediumship.


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