Has Tim Vince left Revelation TV?

(Update: I found this on another site, which documents a brief conversation of what happened to Tim on an Rmornings

“On Friday 21st November (2014), someone wrote in to ask what had happened to Tim Vince:
The email was read out at 11:44am on Rmornings.

LESLEY: Tim did have a contract to work with us in Spain for a year. His children were in boarding school in the UK; very, very difficult struggle for him to be spending all of his time here and not in the UK.

HOWARD: It was impractical but there are other issues as well which remain to be between Tim and I. OK?! (Howard’s tone of voice was very confrontational.”

So it looks like there has been a falling out or dispute over an issue which caused Tim to leave. I think its out of character for the way revelation tv presents itself to just ignore the issue and not explain to viewers who have come to know Him. Also I think its strange for Tim to disappear and not put up a twitter account or youtube video explaining to the thousands of viewers who came to know him why He’s left. It seems out of character from both sides. It would only take 10 minutes for Rev TV or Tim or John Campbell to make a youtube video explaining that he’s left and why. To just disappear after becoming such a part of the channel and familiar to so many viewers is strange.

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