The James Ossuary – Archeological evidence of Jesus pre 70AD

The James Ossuary is a stone tomb from Jerusalem dating to before 70AD, with the Aramaic inscription of “James, Son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” written on it.

The Ossuary was used to store the bones of the deceased and was common among jews during the period up to 70AD, when the Roman empire ransacked and destroyed Jerusalem.

The Authenticity of the Ossuary has been confirmed by several academic experts. It has also been the subject of a legal case in which its owner was accused of forgery. The case proved that the evidence supported that the Ossuary was authentic and the accusations of forgery were thrown out.

Many like to claim there is no solid evidence for Jesus even existing, and that the only records date long after his death. Here we have literally rock solid evidence pointing to Jesus’s existence and his family well within the first century (prior to AD70) which secular academics admit is authentic and not a forgery.

Its interesting to note that the Israeli Authorities claimed it was a forgery and attempted to discredit it. Why would they do that? Then after the object was analysed in a court case the accusations of forgery were debunked. The professionals agreed it was authentic. Do the jewish authorities still want to deny the messiah, Jesus, Yeshua? Looks like it. Even though such a relic would increase tourism, it seems that giving more credence and reality to the first century Nazarene is not something those in high power want.

An expert also calculated how many possible families the Ossuary could relate to. In other words what are the odds these three inscribed names could be common and refer to a vast host of families. He concluded that the number of people in Jerusalem at that time called Jesus with a family with those names to be 1.7. Meaning that the grouping of those names together was incredibly rare.

It is was also noted by an expert that the addition of a brother on the tomb was rare and only occurred if the brother was of some especially significant importance.



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