A Prayer of renunciation of buddhism • tibetan mahayana and theravada hinayana


This is a prayer of renunciation of any involvement with buddhism, both theravada and hinayana (tibetan). This is for anyone who has become involved in buddhism, but now realises it is a false spiritual path and wants to break all spiritual ties with the path.


The renunciation will cover the following;


1. • renunciation of taking refuge vow in the buddha, dharma and sangha (triple gem)

2. • renunciation of the bodhisattva vow

3. • renunciation of all buddhist initiations

4. • renunciation of all buddhist mantras and prayers to any buddha

5. • renunciation of the tibetan practice of guru yoga visualisation

6. • renunciation of any devotion, bowing or adulation of any “buddha” or “enlightened human”

7. • renunciation of any devotion to any buddhist statue or painting (thangka)

8. • renunciation of all buddhist meditation and breath techniques

9. • renunciation of the belief in rebirth, acknowledgement of God’s judgment upon death

10. • renunciation of the belief in the “bardo” or in-between spiritual place after death

11. • renunciation of the belief in karma, acknowledgment of God’s retribution and power instead

12. • renunciation of the aspiration towards personal enlightenment, recognition instead of seeking God


13. • acknowledgment affirmation of there being One sovereign independent creator God who brought the universe and all things into existence, devotion to Him and His ways and His Son Jesus Christ / Yeshua, whom came from Him and incarnated 2000 years ago to restore us back to God by repentance of sin and devotion to God and his ways.

14. • Final confirmation of worship of God alone.


1. • I renounce the refuge vow to the buddha, dharma and sangha (triple gem). I no longer consider buddha, his teachings or his followers the true way. I reject the Buddha, his teachings and his group. I consider them a spiritual deception now. I recommit myself solely to God and Christ, and acknowledge One true creator God who transcends the creation and brought everything into existence. The creator God  I recognise alone as divine and seek to follow and devote myself to Him alone and no other. I renounce the oath and bond of the buddhist refuge vow in the name of Jesus Christ.


2. • I renounce the bodhisattva vow. This is the commitment to remain incarnate until all sentient beings have become enlightened and liberated. I renounce this commitment and break the oath and bond in the name of Jesus Christ. I no longer acknowledge rebirth as true and place hope of salvation in God and Christ alone, not in the hands of mankind and flesh. Although we have a role to play in our own salvation, in repentance and obedience to Christ and God, and we can be conduits to help save others, the salvation of all souls and spirit’s comes by the power and grace of God alone.


3. • I renounce all buddhist initiations and rituals. In the name of Jesus I pray for the breaking and nullification of all buddhist initiations and ceremonies. I reject buddhism as the true path and way and renounce all spiritual ties and connections made through ceremonial initiation. In the name of Jesus I ask you God to break all spiritual bonds that I have made with buddhism through initiation ceremonies. Amen.


4. • I renounce all buddhist mantras and all prayers to any buddha, such as the “om mani padme hum” or the “vajrasattva mantra” or “padmasambhava mantra”. I pray to the one creator for these prayers and commitments to be broken and nullified in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Amen.


5. • I renounce the tibetan tantric practice of guru yoga visualisation, which is practiced in the 7 yogas of naropa. This involves the visualisation of thousands of tiny buddha’s entering into the top of your head during meditation, in order to be filled with the enlightened attributes and qualities of a buddha. I now realise this to be a form of self willed demon possession, and I ask for you God to close and cut all ties with this practice and those forces. I ask for forgiveness God for such practices and for you to remove from me all spiritual forces which I allowed to enter into me through this visualisation practice. I now reject and renounce all buddha’s as enlightened or good. I pray for a spiritual disconnection from all buddha’s in the name of Jesus Christ your son, amen. I pray for you God to close the spiritual door I may have opened to unclean spirits through this tantric meditation practice. I am not a buddha, I am not enlightened, I am not omniscient, I am not divine, I am not a God. For you, creator, alone are God. I seek you now God and not my own power. I close the spiritual door, and cut the spiritual tie with any and all buddha’s, in Jesus name amen.


6. • I renounce any adulation or praise towards any buddha or man. I renounce and repent of all acts of devotion towards any buddha or man, such as bowing down in worship, offering incense or oil, candles, food or water. I renounce this in the name of Jesus, and I recognise God and Christ alone as Holy, divine and true. I ask you God to break all spiritual connections that may have been made through such devotion, in the name of Jesus, amen.


7. • I renounce the devotion and praise towards any buddhist statue or painting in the name of Jesus. I recognise these now to be idols and withdraw any adoration or adulation directed towards them. I ask you creator God to disconnect any spiritual bonds and ties I have made in the past through adulation and devotion of any buddhist statue or painting. For I now praise One creator God alone, and his son who came from him and entered into the world 2000 years ago.


8.• I renounce all buddhist mediation and breathing techniques, such as those engaged in during the yogas of naropa and pranayama. I renounce all forms of buddhist meditation, including zen, theravada, and tibetan forms. I renounce these forms of meditation as unwise and ignorant forays into types of trance states which open a person up to demonic spiritual influence, as the person is increasingly eroding their recognition of objective morality and thus conscience, through a process of self hypnosis and heightened relativism. Meditation which attempts to enter a state of absolute equanimity and voidness beyond thought and self, puts a person into a spiritual no-mans-land in which they become empty and open vessels for any type of roaming spiritual influence to enter. This is because the person does not fear and acknowledge the one creator, and is not seeking Him through prayer and repentance. Instead the person is attempting to become enlightened without God, and those who claim some faith in God are trying to become god or united with the higher self. Either way there is no recognition as the one sovereign distinct eternal creator, which is essential to finding truth. I renounce and reject all forms of buddhist meditation and breathing techniques, and I ask for God to break all spiritual ties and close all spiritual doorways I may have made through such practices. I acknowledge there is one creator God now and seek to come into union with His Holy Spirit, but never to be God. It is through God’s Spirit that we become free, in recognition and worship of Him, and not in delusions of becoming God ourself. For He is the vine and we can become branches of His Spirit. I ask you God to close all spiritual doorways I have opened up through buddhist meditation which was not focused on you or in acknowledgement of you. I ask you to heal any spiritual or physical problems that may have occurred through these practices in your mercy, in the name of Jesus, amen.


9.• I renounce the belief in rebirth and instead now acknowledge your sovereign judgment of each persons soul and spirit upon physical death.


10. • I also renounce the belief in the bardo or any buddhist paradise spiritual abodes as a deception and false doctrine. I acknowledge your Spiritual kingdom of light which is heaven, and recognise the need to avoid the spiritual place of torment called hell.


11. • I renounce the belief in “karma” and instead acknowledge God’s law and justice instead. For God repays each person according to their deeds, and disciplines those he loves so that they may draw closer to him. God pours out wrath upon those who live in unrepentant wickedness and evil. God blesses those who obey and keep his commands which are to live in goodness, decency and honesty.


12. • I renounce the personal aspiration towards enlightenment and the belief any other human can become enlightened or omniscient apart from God. God alone is omniscient and through union with his spirit we can be given greater revelation and truth, but we do not become God. I renounce the desire to achieve wisdom and enlightenment apart from God. I recognise now this is a satanic deception and that all truth and freedom comes in God’s presence and in seeking and acknowledging the one creator.


13. • I now reaffirm and acknowledge that there is only one creator God of all, who is above all human consciousness, who brought the universe and all men’s spirits into existence and who gave of himself and incarnated 2000 years ago as Jesus Christ. And through recognition of God in Christ and Christ as from God, repentance of sin and obedience to Christ and God we can receive the Holy Spirit and salvation. I acknowledge that all Spiritual powers and beings outside of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit of God are not God or the creator.


14. • I affirm again lastly, that there is one creator God of all, who is eternal and loving, but also just and Holy.

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