Left Wing Watch




I will be updating and adding to this page when I come across incidents that demonstrate the sickness of “progressivism”, liberalism and secularism


homosexual terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins attempts mass shooting at Christian organisation because it opposed gay marriage



Gay terrorist wanted to kill as many as possible and target other organisations who were opposed to gay marriage also



woman dies after abortion – mainstream media (bbc, msnbc, huffington post) ignore, yet ran endless stories on a woman who died from supposedly being prevented from having one – 2014 – 1st April



20 year old german woman slits her new born baby’s throat so her sex life and clubbing wouldn’t be interfered with



14 year old girl reduced to tears after teacher makes her dance erotically to song



 X-factor talent scouts hunt for strippers online



Age of consent should be 13, says barrister



UK deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman tried to legalise child porn in the 70’s if there was no evidence of harm to the child



UK education inspectors Ofsted indoctrinating 9 year olds to accept homosexuality without parents awareness or consent



Young people feel they have nothing to live for in modern secular Britain 



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