Christian persecution


This page will start to document in part the persecution of Christians globally, which has been ongoing since Christ, especially in the 3 first centuries at the hands of the Romans and Jews. Christians were also persecuted during the rule of the Roman church if they did not conform with the Pope and the Roman churches version of Christianity. A massive increase in general persecution of Christians arose after the enlightenment as communist atheist ideologies attempted to rid religion from societies in USSR, China, France. Now in the west Christianity is under an ideological persecution from a secular establishment which seems to be carrying on the work of the anti-theists of revolutionary france and communist groups through academia and media. Also the rise of militant Islamic groups is leading to physical atrocities and persecution of Christians in the middle east and africa. There is also the persecution of Christians in lingering communist regimes such as China and North Korea.


Islamic extremist group ISIS behead 21 coptic Christians in Libya – February, 2015


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