Free speech / expression in the west

June 2014, Edinburgh, UK, couple jailed for putting strips of bacon on Mosque
ex marine arrested without charge and detained in mental health institution for anti-government Facebook posts

Questions over UK police’s even handedness in applying malicious communication law

ex marine arrested Facebook posts plans to sue FBI – Aug 29, 2012


UK tourists detained and deported for colloquial tweet – Jan 30, 2012


UK man arrested over twitter “joke”

british man jailed for offensive Facebook posts –  Oct 8, 2012

17 year old arrested over distasteful tweet to olympic swimmer – Aug 1, 2012

British politician arrested over twitter joke – Nov 11, 2010

atheists help police arrest twitter troll in canada – Aug 18,2011

man jailed over Facebook posts inciting racist violence – Nov 4, 2011

man jailed for 19 months for facebook posts trying to incite riot – June 6, 2012

man arrested in UK over racist tweets – Jan 7, 2012

man is arrested by police in UK for burning a paper poppy and posting picture on Facebook – Nov 12,2012

2 men jailed for 4 years for inciting english riots on facebook, judges says “too severe” – Aug 17,2011


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