New World Order


The “New World Order” is a slogan referring to an increasingly interconnected one world system of economics, law, politics, business and trade.

The New World Order is the goal of a unified world government, with unified laws, education, religion, business and banking. This is the outward goal, but the covert spiritual agenda is to set the stage for the biblically prophesied antichrist to take his seat as the ruler of the world. According to biblical prophesy, the New World order system will require everyone to take a mark to be able to buy anything, and also to swear allegiance to this global president who will represent satan.

The term “New World Order” has its roots in theosophical ideology, but has been used increasingly by world politicians as the overarching plan has been put into action. The UN is a major player in the New World Order. It is the embryo and precursor of the planned One World Government, which will eventually rule over all nations and legislate laws, economics and trade. Current global institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, UN, will at some point probably be unified into a One world Government. Once all forms of government and law are centralised into one body, it will be much easier to control and influence the masses.

*The term’s origin

*The dollar bill


*Agenda 21 (unofficial global laws)

*the sleeper mechanics of the one world system are probably housed in the CFR, RAND corporation, Trilateral commission, club of rome, bilderberg, RIIA

*Biblical prophesy of the New World Order and it’s agenda

*Arron rusaeu rockerfeller

*the agenda corroborated by the georgia guide stones

The “New World Order” is a hidden agenda by the elites to establish a new world system that is no longer divided by borders or culture, which will allow total control of all nations by a very small elite. This is to eventually enable all world power to be controlled by one ultimate World President, who will be the antichrist and demand worship from all people along with reception of the implanted chip.



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