October 2015, Oregon shooter targeted Christians, was satanist, recurring theme

October 1st 2015, Oregon, United States.

A mass shooting resulting in 9 dead has occurred at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Reports from survivors say the gunman, Chris Harper-Mercer, targeted Christians, asking the victims if they were Christian and believed in God before callously saying “’Good, I’ll send you to God. You’ll be visiting God pretty soon”.

The mainstream media has neglected to focus on this evidence as a motive, which would make this at least in part a hate crime against Christians.

Investigations into the killers online presence has revealed he had identified as a pagan interested in the occult, but was opposed to religion. Yet in a note written before the attack he indicated he was a full blown satanist by claiming he would be “welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil” for his actions.

It has since been revealed by a source familiar with the investigation that Mercer had a satanic manifesto on computer file covered in satanic iconography claiming that he wanted to “serve darkness” and that he would be rewarded for his evil as his note indicated.

Satanism and this hatred of Christianity is actually a theme among many mass shooters, although the mainstream media neglect to highlight it. The columbine shooters questioned people if they believed in God during their killing and police tapes have leaked of them both spitefully mocking their Christian classmates and Christ before they carried out their attack. They also had an interest in witchcraft and the occult.

The Sandy Hook shooter was reported to have had a webpage dedicated to satan according to someone who knew him, which the major news media outlets failed to report.

The shooter who almost killed Gabby Giffords, Jared Loughner posted rants against Christianity and belief in God prior to his attack, and had posted some images on social media which looked to be an occult ritual involving a skull.

The homosexual terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins, who attempted a mass shooting at the Christian group Family Research Council did so because of their Christian and biblical views in opposition to same gender marriage.

No doubt if more information was released by the police on these and other cases there would be even more glaring anti-christian, atheistic and satanic motives behind such evil acts.

Authorities argue that details are kept classified to prevent things like copy-cat attacks, but if we have gathering evidence of a social sickness the public should be made aware of the problem so it can be addressed.

Three standout common themes from many of the mass killings are the perpetrator being on some type of mind altering drug such as prozac, an obsession with violent video games, and in many cases a hatred of Christianity, Christians and an interest in satanism or occultism.

A secular society which is turning away from Christian values and towards an indoctrination of atheistic materialism in the education system, along with an immoral and cynical media, is opening the door to evil. When this is coupled with drug substances which detach the individual from their conscience and reality there is a cocktail for evil amoral acts.