Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)


Incidents of crime related to satanism and Satanic Ritual Abuse

beginning with the most recent above, descending to the older cases


2015, August – Florida Triple murder was “ritualistic”, suspect had interest in witchcraft


2015, August – 15-year-old columbian girl found dead with satanist she met on facebook


2015, August – South African satanist serial killer to be sentenced


2015, July – Zimbabwe satanist jailed for rapes


2015, March – Inside a mexican satanic black mass ritual


 2015, January – Tennessee satanist Gregory Hale sentenced to life imprisonment for killing and eating woman


2015, January – Canadian satanist Mark Dobson from “Joy of satan” cult guilty of two ritualistic murders


2014, December – Teen Jose Reyes, found guilty of Satanic Ritual Abuse murder


2014, November, Serbia – satanist Robert Hey charged with human sacrifice killing (translated page from serbian)


2014, November – 2 Scottish charities report evidence of children being used in satanic ritual abuse to police


2014, November – Multiple murder charges against satanist ” Pazuzu Algarad ” in ritual cannibalist killings


2014, October – 15-year-old Czech girl cuts off 10-year-old friend’s fingers as a sacrifice to satan


2014, June – Homeless woman killed as part of a satanic ritual in Greece


2014, June – Tennessee woman killed and eaten as part of a satanic ritual sacrifice by Gregory Scott Hale


2014, June – satanist’s eyes turned red and was talking about the devil during rape


2014, February – Miranda Barbour admits to 22 murders as part of a satanic cult


2014, February – Two teenagers charged with brutal ritual sacrifice so one “could sell his soul to the devil.”


September, 2013 – Attempted ritualistic murder in Northern Ireland, satanic symbols carved on body tied up in bin


2013, August – Satanist Luis Moreno admits molesting 3 girls, recording it and distributing it


2013, January – Ex BBC star Jimmy Savile beat and raped a 12-year-old girl during  satanic ritual in a hospital.


2012, December – Two men have been jailed for carrying out “ritualistic” sex abuse of girls as part of a witches’ coven


2012, June – UK, girl’s story of being brought up and abused in satanic sex cult ring


2012, May – Mexican mother blinds her son in satanic ritual


2011, March – Leader of  welsh satanic cult pedophile ring sentenced


2011, February – Moises Meras-Espinoza killed his mother on a satanic holiday as a human sacrifice


2009, January – US man guilty of killing stepdaughters in satanic bible ritual


2008, September – Satanic group kill and eat four Russian teenagers after stabbing them 666 times


2007, January – Italian police set up special unit to deal with rise of satanic crimes


2006, October – Brazilian man accused of killing 42 boys in satanic sex rituals


2005, June – Satanist paedophile ring ritually raped up to 25 children


2005, February – Italian Satanist band members jailed for 3 ritualistic murders


2003, February – Report on the rise of satanic groups and crime in Russia


2002, January – satanists Daniel and Manuela Ruda kill friend at the command of satan

2000, February – police to investigate 76 cases of reported satanic ritual abuse and murder


1999, September – Serbian satanic ritual murder


1997, October – Two killings at school linked to satanic cult   –  #Grant Boyette #Luke Woodham



below is the case of a government commissioned report by professionals that concluded satanic ritual abuse was a real phenomena. Rather than act upon this information, the government buried it and didn’t even release it to the public.

All we have is a few news reports at the time which covered the findings of the report just prior to its release. Of course the release never came. When the establishment gets a result it doesn’t like, it just covers it up it seems. There was even a hit piece trying to discredit the professionals who carried out the study in the far left progressive newspaper “the guardian”.




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