Shroud of Turin

Face on the Shroud of Turin

Face on the Shroud of Turin



This is the face on the Shroud of Turin after I passed it through a filter which enabled the softening of some of the lines. This took away focus from the narrow lines of fabric and created a more blended overall image of the face. The image on the shroud is inverted, reversing all the tone, this reveals this image. The image is then reverse flipped horizontally, as the original imprint was created from the inside of the cloth, meaning to see the face as it would have been physically, a reversing of the image needs to occur.

The filter applied only slightly softens and blurs the edges of lines, which makes for a more realistic overall view.

Below is a larger full size version.


Face on the Shroud of Turin

Face on the Shroud of Turin


There has been much speculation on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. Scientific studies have concluded the image was not created by paint. There has been evidence on the fabric of pollen that would point to the area of Jerusalem. The type of cloth also places it to the time of Jesus. Many experiment have attempted to reproduce the image on the shroud, but all have failed in their detail. The image that is shown above is actually an inverted picture from the original markings, this inverted image remained hidden for hundreds of years. It was only in the advent of photography, and the ability to invert or polarise the image that this incredibly realistic three dimensional gradiated image of the face became exposed. Before this the image on the shroud in its normal view didn’t appear like a real face, more of markings on certain portions of a face.

The markings on the shroud appear to me to be radiation markings, burnt on at the moment of resurrection when Jesus’s body would have transfigured from materiality to the Spiritual body. Einstein’s formula E=Mc2 might explain this. If the physical matter of Jesus raised its vibration to a state as fast as the speed of light and then beyond, this would make it transcend the physical, while also leaving a type of radioactive “scorch” mark upon the surrounding linen, as the substance of his body increased greatly in vibration or charge.

Scientists have tried to date the shroud, and came up with varying dates around the 12th century AD. Yet as the cloth has been subjected to a fire which almost destroyed it, and to potential radioactive exposure during a supernatural transfiguration, I don’t think normal dating methods can be trusted or accurate.

When the cloth was dated only a very small edge was taken, and yet those portions did vary in date by hundreds of years. It would be interesting to see how dating varied for different portions, such as a more burned area, versus a cleaner area.

If you view the whole shroud in detail, along with the face, its very hard to deny its authenticity. The detail of the wounds as they correspond with those noted in the Bible, the unexplained and un-replicable “scorched” on image of the man, and then the more amazing image that is revealed when it is inverted, all points to an article that’s genuine and even holds evidence of a supernatural event.







scientific studies have shown the shroud of turin is supernatural in origin and not faked

scientific studies have shown the shroud of turin is supernatural in origin and not faked


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