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• BBC insiders knew that Jimmy Savile was a serial abuser of young boys, says lawyer

• Savile victims allege paedophile ring existed at the BBC

savile bbc producer arrested over child sex assault allegations

• Senior BBC reporter claims BBC covered up another paedophile presenter before savile in the 50’s and 60’s

• BBC accused of covering up sexual abuse by other presenters

• BBC editor steps down after misleading public over why paedophile investigative report on savile was dropped

• BBC director general decided to run savile tribute and drop news investigation, as director of vision

• editor gave false information to public about why news investigation into savile’s pedophilia was dropped, claiming the story was about a police investigation into savile, not savile’s abuse.

• BBC soap actor arrested over sexual assault of boy

• former  radio “star” Dave Lee Travis accused of sexual molestation while working at BBC

• BBC broadcaster was molested live on air at the BBC by famous “star” in the 80’s–i-was-on-the-air-8201329.html

• Liz Kershaw was often molested while broadcasting on BBC radio 1

• BBC consider renaming John Peel wing after allegations of underaged sex

• former BBC presenter and convicted paedophile jonathan king had an extensive career at the bbc; including a “youth show” called “no limits” which topped bbc ratings. He also produced the brit awards and song for europe tv shows at the bbc in the 80’s. In September 2001 he received a seven-year sentence for six offences against five boys aged 14–16 committed between 1983 and 1989 (at the peak of his bbc tv career). (incidentally, after he was originally charged with homosexual assaults, simon cowell (current music media mogul) put up £50,000 to bail him out). They let him out in 2005, and he now claims you tuber “nerimon” (alex day) is his “protégé”.

• BBC director general Mark thompson personally writes apology to convicted paedophile jonathan king for cutting out one of his songs from a music show.

• former BBC radio 1 DJ an the “first voice” of BBC radio 2 chris denning jailed for producing child pornography, claims his human rights are being violated.

• BBC radio 1 dj chris denning  jailed for paedophilia

• BBC radio 1 DJ kevin greening dies after homosexual bondage session and drug overdose

• BBC radio presenter and writer of have I gone news for you theme george webley dies after illegal drug overdoes

• BBC children’s TV presenters went on  air high on drugs in the 60’s and 70’s

• BBC tv children’s presenter natasha collins dies after drug overdoes

• BBC tv children’s presenter hangs himself over fiancée’s death

• BBC children’s presenters mother accuses the BBC of have a “cocaine culture” behind the scenes

• “Can it REALLY be that no one inside the smug BBC knew what that psychopath was doing?”

• Another 3 “high profile” BBC names accused of sexual abuse

• BBC actor chris langham jailed for downloading child pornography

so far…


Jimmy savile, “uncle dick”, chris dennings, jonathan king, john peel – so far 5 BBC radio presenters accused or convicted of paedophilia (underaged sex)

dave lee travis, adam hart davis, jimmy savile and at least two other’s accused of sexual molestation of BBC employees while working at the BBC

BBC presenters natasha collins, kevin greening, george webley have all died in the last decade or so from drug overdoses


The list continues to grow of those convicted, charged or accused of sex offences

Jimmy Savile (BBC Radio/TV)

Jonathan King (BBC Radio/TV)

Chris Dennings (BBC Radio)

Rolf Harris (BBC TV)

Stewart Hall (BBC Radio/TV)

David Smith (BBC driver)

Michael Souter (BBC Radio)

Paul Gambaccini (BBC Radio)


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