The celestial teapot false analogy straw man

Bertrand Russell compared the likelihood of God to the likelihood of a teapot currently orbiting between earth and mars.

The reason this is a false analogy is because there is no evidence or reason to believe a teapot was ever taken into space. Whereas there is a huge amount of observable evidence and reason to believe there is a Creator God.

The universe exhibits an objective degree of ordering, tailoring, engineering and function, from the atom, to the cell with its DNA, to the overall cohesion and systems of the bodies we observe. Not only do we observe an objective degree of design, but we also see great beauty, from the sunset, to a butterfly or the array of stars.

Adding to this we have something quite apart from material ordering, the faculty of consciousness that enables us to reason and be aware of these things.

From what is observed we see good evidence of a Conscious Designer at the helm and origin of the universe, life and existence. In fact the faculty of awareness and the degree of order and functionality observed is very strong evidence against the universe being an unconscious cosmic accident.

In weighing up what we experience and observe in the world, there is very good logical reason to deduce a higher conscious Creator, however there is no such comparable reason or evidence to believe there is a teapot floating around in space somewhere.




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