video game violence

scientific research that shows a link between violent video games and increased real world aggression


2010 – Study proves conclusively that violent video game play makes more aggressive children


2011 – Study shows violent video games alter the brain’s region related to emotional control and cognition


2011 – Violent video games reduce brain response to violence and increase aggressive behavior, study suggests


2011 – Kinder, gentler video games may actually be good for players


2012 – violent media may damage children’s mental health


2012 – Study shows violent video games can cause long term increase in aggression, and alter a gamer’s world view to be more violent


2013 – human like opponents in violent video games lead to more aggression than non-human life opponents


2014 – study finds video games that encourage criminality, violence, rebellion changes the personality and character of gamers to become similarly more delinquent and deviant.


2014 – children who repeatedly play violent video games are learning aggressive thought patterns that will stay with them and affect their behaviour


2014 – ‘Broad consensus’ that violent media increase child aggression



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