Why the God of the Bible is the one true God

In order to be capable of creation, the creator would have to have certain key attributes.

1.Transcend space and time, thus be eternal in character and beyond any limited physical form

2. One in character, as the source of all things points to a unity of one, and beyond space and time there can only be one essential being, as there are no separate forms.

3. The highest objective wisdom and morality. A level of intelligence far beyond any human knowledge and the highest morals which would come with that wisdom.

If any deity contravenes any of these key criteria it is evidence they cannot be the one true creator God of all things.

Any deity which is represented by a physical form discounts it from being the true creator. This rules out all of the pagan gods of the past from babylon, egypt, sumeria, greece, rome, tibet, hinduism and any other form depicted god or deity as being genuine.

It is hard to believe people deify objects made by their own hand as supernatural, but it is a common practice and mistake of not looking beyond the immediate external physical, to the ultimate transcendent cause.

If a deity can be depicted as a form, that means it is a finite created being and not the unlimited creator. This is why the Bible warns against making any image or statue in an attempt to represent God. This would misrepresent God as limited to form, space and time.

From the start the God of the Bible is depicted in accordance with the criteria of transcendence of form. God is Spirit, and not a limited form. God also warns the Israelites not to make any graven image to worship further confirming the authenticity of His Godhood and fulfilling this logical deduction of the Creator’s nature.

The Bible never wavers in this throughout, that God is Spirit and not limited or physical.

Although the Spirit of God did enter Jesus, the flesh was not God and Jesus makes this very clear himself when he says;

The Spirit is the One who gives life. The flesh doesn’t help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life. – John 6:63


God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth. – John 4:24

The next quality of the creator required logically, is His essential unity and oneness.

This stands to reason as the ultimate source would be one, unified and not multiple. A single source.

If the source was multiple this would imply the need for a previous source for those multiples and so on and so on. But with the true creator, He would be the prime source of all things, and so not subject to anything else.

This is also confirmed by logic, as what transcends space, time and form, is eternal and could have nothing before or after, existing in eternity beyond separate forms He would have to be One.

This is the logical conclusion because beyond the universe of separate independent forms, there is no longer any physical distinction or forms to distinguish. God and His abode would have to be a unified totality.

Any multiplicity implies some other and higher source, but the ultimate Creator could have nothing higher or prior, as He transcends time as well as space.

So this again proves that any multiplicity of separate deities cannot be true by reason and logic. This doubly discounts all of the many pagan gods from the different cultures of the world.

1, transcend space and time to be capable of bringing it into existence and imputing its qualities, 2, be One as what transcends space has no separate  parts.

A triplicity is common in some cultures, and an even vaster range of deities is found in others such as tibet and hinduism.

The Bible again is constant in their being One true God, One creator and source, not several or many.

The last key characteristic of the Creator would be his nature and character itself.

From observation of the beauty, systems, wonder of the created universe we have to admit God has a level of intelligence and wisdom far exceeding any human ability.

It is also reasonable to infer the prime causer of such exquisite beauty and design would have the highest morality, love, and holiness as a quality and consequence of that supreme wisdom. Although some evil men have been highly intelligent, ultimately evil and cruelty is harmful, unwise and backfires. Also the degree of care demonstrated in the design, and the grace offered in allowing independent created beings to exist, along with the patience afforded when we largely live in ungodly ways, all points to a Creator who is merciful, all powerful, considerate, wise, but also just and precise.

Again a study of the many pagan gods from world cultures returns the conclusion of less than divine behaviour at times. Incidents of malice, pride, deception, abuse, rape, incest can be found in the tales of egyptian, greek, roman and other deities.

The God of the Bible however is consistent in His Holiness, love and justice. Although some take issue with some of His stern judgments especially in the Old Testament, you will find these were the result of tribes and individuals refusing to change intentionally malevolent ways. Groups of individuals who were living in abuse generation after generation and refusing to change. Eventually to step in with righteous anger to end such abuse is the right thing to do, and to disregard such injustice completely would be unloving and evil.

The reason for the flood for example was the corruption and evil nearly all humanity had sunk into. A level of group and social wickedness beyond our imagination, and they had no intent to repent or change. This is when God stepped in and said, enough is enough, and even regretted having to do it.

From the ten commandments through to the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament we see a God of impeccable moral standards, unwavering in his love of justice, but also merciful and patient. The Bible is consistent in this, and God never acts with, teaches or commands injustice or evil.

The Bible reveals a Creator who is Holy, of the highest possible moral standard, and One who wants His Creation to live in the right and Holy way, so He can bless them and come and dwell with them. The apparent intolerance God has for evil, is born out of a Love of justice, truth and goodness.

Pure goodness and Holiness hates evil, deception and abuse. Such is the God of the Bible. Because God is Holy, He requires us to be Holy to enable a relationship and close union. This is the reason for the very strict Old Testament commands and the need to recognise our wrong doing and repent.

It is from consideration of these three key characteristics of the Creator, and the Bible’s fulfilment of them, that we can conclude that the God of the Bible is the One true God.


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