2 thoughts on “womans right?

  1. I don’t do this very often but I would like to write something for anyone else who happens to see this. I believed for a long time that is wasn’t right for a woman to have an abortion, then In August 2010 a close friend of mine was sexually assaulted and became pregnant within 3 days of receiving this information she had made her decision. She and I have always been close we’ve known each other for over 15 years and in all the years I have been alive I have never been witness to as much self degradation and emotional distress as she put upon herself in those 3 days, the longest 3 days of her life. The day of the abortion arrived and accompanied by her mother and I we set of from the hotel, she took my hand and asked me with tears in her eyes would we still have the friendship and the love we had always had for each other afterwards. A feeling of guilt rushed through me only to linger on as I thought of how not only had she been faced with a decision that in itself was something enough to drive a woman mad but she was also racked with the guilt of not only letting herself down but me and the rest of her family as well. I have thought long and hard and have come to a conclusion. There is no line in the sand for abortion it is something I believe can have both good and bad elements. Something that people both for good and bad reasons turn to. But as we live in a world where footballers and actors are paid more than doctors and nurses and horrific incidents like 200 young nigerian women go missing and people are more interested in flags and royal visits. In doing this I hope I haven’t offended anyone or caused any disrespect. I am the inferior of any man whose rights I trample underfoot.


    • I can understand an abortion if the female has been raped or if there is serious physical danger and the child wouldn’t survive anyway – but these unusual cases make up around only 1% of abortion. Around 99% of abortions are basically due to an inconvenience and it being an unintended accident – we should not treat human life with such disdain, the current levels of abortion are terrible and this partly is caused by a secular society and its values promoted through education and media. So there is a just reason in the 1% of cases, but its wrong I think to use that to justify the other 99%. For me the 99% should not be allowed because society is killing millions of humans in the womb each year and its the biggest genocide of human life in human history



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