satanic symbols (and their meaning)

In order to raise public awareness about the increasing media saturation of satanic symbolism, presented here are some of the most commonly used satanic symbols being used, with a brief explanation of their origin and meaning.

1. the inverted 5 pointed star, or pentagram

pentagram-75x75The pentagram is the five pointed star with one point facing up. This symbol is used in paganism, witchcraft, freemasonry and gnosticism. It represents to pagans the 5 elements of the material universe, and also man, with four limbs and the head. So it is used in honour of and devotion or worship of nature and man. In satanism this symbol is inverted upside down to represent the rebellion or subversion of man and is known as a the “sigil of baphomet”. It also then has two points facing up, instead of one, and this is representative of the goat demon, baphomet, satan. For hundreds of years occultists have identified the symbol in this way and drawn images of the horned goat goat satan within the inverted pentagram, with the two horns, the ears within the horizontal shapes and the goatee beard within the downward pointing triangle.


2. the upside down cross


The cross of course represents Christ and his crucifixion. In satanism this is turned upsidedown in order to mock and dishonour Christ and his death. It is an act of disrespect and disdain for Christ, and an honouring of the opposing force to Christ, which is in rebellion to God, rather than submission.



3. the eye inside the pyramid

eye-in-pyramid-75x75This image is found on the one dollar bill, but also in masonic lodges and originates from the false pagan horus in egypt. This has been labelled the “eye of providence” by those who attempt to identify it as representing God. However the Bible is very clear about not making any graven image to represent the Creator. In reality the eye is human, and represents man’s own divinity and ability to become god. In this sense the eye inside the pyramid also represents lucifer/satan/baphomet, as this was satan’s goal, to usurp the One Creator and become like God, and it was also his lie and temptation to Eve in the garden. This lie of man being god or evolving into godhood still continues in the new age, gnosticism, freemasonry and luciferianism.  The pyramid represents mans journey and evolution upward until he becomes a god. This deceptive doctrine is also taught in mormonism and the seal on the symbol on the dollar bill is thought to also be the seal of the illuminati.


4. 666


This is the n umber of the beast or satan from the book of revelation, so is used by satanists proudly as a sign of rebellion and identification. It is also weaved through logos in the world system to subliminally condition and infect peoples minds and spirit.


128 thoughts on “satanic symbols (and their meaning)

      • FOR FUCKS SAKE WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR GOD, IF YOU DONT LIKE MY LORD SATAN WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT THIS? GO FUCK YOURSELF SERIOUSLY WHY WOULD YOU GO ON A PAGE LABELED ‘SATANINC SYMBOLS’ AND PUSH YOUR BELIEFS ON SATANISTS! GO FUCK YOURSELF AND LEGIT THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE. YOU BIBLE BASHING DISRESPECTFUL HUMAN. oh and another thing BIBLEBASHER how many times in the bible does it say not to judge others on their beliefs and not to judge others period, the answer is alot, i do studies of Religion, i was a christian, ive read the bible multiple times. so i know my facts, and you right now are sinning really bad, and a poor poor excuse for a christian.
        Rant over. Fuck you.

        All hail my mighty fallen angel prince Lucifer.

          • I can’t wait to join King Lucifer in hell. You can’t understand how amazing he is when you’re blinded by this false trust God has given you. He created this world and failed, he is no longer watching over the human race, he doesn’t care about us because we are just his mistake. You Christians sit and try to rationalise why horrible things happen in this world and you blame it on Lucifer the fallen archangel who was only cast down because he loved god too much and didn’t want to bow down to the human race. You do not understand that God is bad, sick, twisted and evil, he tortures us and plays us like a game. Lucifer cares for us and has done nothing wrong. The Christian religion has murdered so many, purely because “God told them to” and you know what, I believe he did, just to be a dick. You Christian people just sit there and think you are so high and mighty and above us all just because you follow a murderous God. I hope that when you reach this place you call heaven, you realise how sick and twisted your God really is. And to further validate my argument, if God is so loving and great, why did I get raped when I was 14 years old? Why was my drink spiked when I was at a party when I was 15 and got beaten and raped to the point where I ended up in hospital for 3 months? And why did my 13 year old sister get beaten by a group of guys and raped last week? My sister is a Christian, and I was a Christian until I was 17, I stopped being a Christian after the pastor of my church sexually abused me 6 times. So, if God is so great, why did he punish me and my sister for believing in him? And dont you say it is to make us strong because neither me, nor my sister, will ever be the same, we can no longer trust, or love. Think about that.


          • if all that did happen to you then turning away from God is understandable, but you are missing out a key part of reality. There are two spiritual forces in operation on earth, good and evil – God’s will is goodness and decency, but there is a power of rebellion to that which seeks to abuse, control, harm and destroy and deceive, the head of that power is satan and the unseen demonic powers who are fallen angels. So the men that rape are following their own extreme self will to a degree where they have allowed evil to take over them and possess them. When any of us does evil or deceit we are invited evil forces to work in us and through us, men who rape and abuse are possessed with evil and working against God.
            God has created a world in which freewill choice is able to express, this is to allow independent beings to exist, if we did not have the freewill to choose then we would simply be a continuation of God and his will. So freewill is a consequence of creating autonomous beings, and sadly most choose the wrong path of selfishness and abuse, and some go to extremes with that and even become possessed. serial killers, rapists and so on are possessed with evil, with a demonic influence and that evil and harm can even pass on to their victims if they do not understand this situation.
            Remember in the Lords prayer he tells his followers pray “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” – this shows that what is happening on earth just now certainly isn’t God’s will and so we should pray for it to be done, as there is a spiritual realm in which things occur before it manifests physically.
            God is going to bring all things into righteous judgment, but for a time he is allowing the freewill of man to play out, however terrible it is, justice will come about in the end. From an eternal perspective a human life is very short.
            Remember from the very start Abel suffered the horrible death by murder by cain, so horrific things occur when people turn away from God and goodness, but in the end God is going to bring judgment, thats why we need to be on the right side of it

        • Screw all who think that God could destroy the almighty Satan!! I’m 12 but I’m Satanist. And of those of you who think that we are mother fucking retards for worshipping Satan screw you to. ALL HAIL LORD SATAN!!!

        • Listen to me. You honestly think you’re Satan, is going to be doing anything good to this world at all? No. He’s not. You have it all mistaken, god is here. He is coming back, and he is overwhelmingly powerful. I’m not judging you, or your beliefs. We all have the right to our own opinion. But you have to understand, god isn’t the one doing bad things. You have to put all of your trust in him, you have to give everything in your power up to him, Christ died for you. There is tons of proof. God created this universe, and he lets us make our own choices, that’s why bad things happen. People getting raped,murdered,molested,kidnapped,abducted, or beaten. It all has to do with Satan. Satan influences these things, that the sick people do. Now answer this question.
          You say “If god was real, why are bad things happening?”
          You say “If god is so amazing and loves us, why do these things happen everyday?”
          Heres what I say. I don’t know these horrible things happen to us everyday of our lives. But trust god.
          You say you love Satan.
          But how is loving satan, any different from loving god?
          You say Satan does great things, but is satan helping us? No.
          Is satan helping make your life better? No
          Is he doing anything to make you happy? No because you’re obviously depressed.
          Think about it.
          God has done so much.
          He loves you dearly.
          Trust in him.
          “For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”
          -John 3;16-

        • The devil is the one causing all of the bad… and it will get much worse very soon…!!!!! There is a lot of pain out here, I just wish the devil would stop causing it….

      • if god is so wonderful think abut this for a minute why would he let a three year old burn to death in a building or let all the people of 9/11 die in a blazing crash. if you will tell me that

    • Satan* But it is Lucifer Everstar and these symbols are his way of representing his life for us.
      1. Pentagram represents both the elements and with the goat it represents the God Head.
      2, The cross represents humanities ability to succeed and always grow through knowledge of how we once were.
      3. The pyramid eye represents love and knowledge.
      4. 666 represents the heroes (firefighters, soldiers, and police) who serve and help humanity.

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      • Praise the Lord Jesus! Brother, thank you for your appropriate response. It is as the great pastor Grey Laurie once said, “although it is true that we are all the off-spring of God, it is also true that we are not all His children”.

      • satan was, is and will forever be a looser bt my heart burns for those who still think satan can win this battle God bless the Christian community go go go on n on n on guys we wil soon be ther. The Lord is on our side so no even a single loose hahaha

      • So you’re telling me you want someone to “rule” the way you live and behave? In satanism, all is for glorification of yourself. Giving in to human nature and accepting that you are who you are.

        • Junz how canyyou say youknow the truth when youare blindedby exactlywhtyouthink is blinding us youlord jahovaiis a murderer anda liar what kind of “God wldallow humans to mass murder somany in his name the dark lord shal riseandwhen he does yousshall see

        • Wow see here we go – I never made it off the 1st page before the xtians were bashing someone. It’s like this – I am a Proud Pagan yet I do not follow a specific sector I freely admit I am closet to Satanism and am a practicing Witch and ordained High Priestess but I am not a member or the CoS as I don’t prescribe to Dr LaVey’s and Peter Gilmore’s complete idealism and ways – so I follow a mixture of paths that is the prefect fit for me and it works well since I am a solitary practitioner for the most part but join in a circle at least once a month for the human contact and interaction. I have studied theology for a number of years which has afforded me the opportunity to learn in-depth about beliefs, traditions, rituals, forbidden actions, and doctrines and principles of about 50 or 60 unique recognized religions. This in-depth study included the reading of their spiritual guides no matter the form of such – world religions are fascinating to say the least but I was not seeking fascination I was seeking the proper fit – truth – and examining all I could learn, because it seemed like my decision had to be semi-rushed. No visiting would I allow to distract me while deep in study during my quest to find the correct spiritual path that fits me to a tee as I was honed in and determined to get it done so I could dance with my God and Goddess.. In doing so I came to the realization that everyone of these bibles, guides, traditions, rituals and so forth have been written by another human being walking the earth the same as I do – so what makes their words on paper gospel? That goes for the xtian bible as well and I know I will get an earful on that one since you erroneously believe the jacked up tale that it was inspired straight from your God and that the various writers were merely a vessel to put the words down on paper. If that were truly the case then all translations would mean the same things because your God is supposed to be all powerful, all wisdom and so forth. All of your bible versions would contain the same amount of books and chapters and there would not be a need for dissension between the “xtian churches” from one denomination to the next about what exactly the words are telling you. Now before you start jumping down my throat for bashing xtians… that is not what I am doing – I am merely pointing out my own observations and experiences within the xtian churches during my spiritual quest – yes that’s right I have attended, studied, and been active in a xtian church for let’s see 2 1/2 almost 3 years worth where I never missed a service or bible study group or workshop and so on and was active in taking care of the church by cleaning it twice a week, helping out in the Sunday School classes with activities for the kids or caring for the infants, helped with administrative tasks in the church office as well as our charity works and any other fundraising or events we took part in. Did I want to be quite that active or helpful? No not really – I am a helpful person but felt compelled to do it all because if I said no I was made to feel like I wasn’t doing my xtian duty – yet the fellow believers that condemned you in that way were not ever there doing anything except arriving late for worship service and slipping out the back door of the chapel 20 minutes later. I guess just to make sure someone saw them so they can say I go to church every week and I am a devout xtian. Do they really believe that appearances will get them through the pearly gates? Shoot I can tell I am getting on my little band wagon here so let me get to my quest so you will see it’s not xtians I have it in for. I truly don’t have it out for anyone as I believe that we are all given free will to make the choices we feel are right and that it is not for anyone else to judge or even comment on really – OK I can’t pass that point up so one more and I will get off xtians… No judgement of others is taught throughout the xtian bible as a commandment straight from your God – so how is it that the majority of xtians can judge people as harshly as they do on a daily basis – and yet still claim to be a devout xtian that is in their God’s service and devoted to follow His every word – a super xtian if you will? Aren’t the responses above knocking someone for believing in Satan a judgement call? No matter how you try and justify that the fact is you are standing in judgement of another human being and you are strictly forbidden to do so under your God’s laws, so it seems you have a bit of repenting to do.

          As I stated at the onset I am a Proud Pagan – I term myself as a “self-described” Pagan since I do not follow a specific sector such as Wiccan, Buddhism, Druid, Satanic, etc.although my majority path is Satanic, followed by Wiccan on the spell side of it – and of course being that In am a Satanist first and foremost I practice Magick of all colors and there-lies the reason I would never be Wiccan as it is against their creed. I do not profess to be a caring and empathetic Witch or to follow the Wiccan ways – what I take from their beliefs is the reverence for nature , control of the elements and replenishment of my energy and power by casting a circle, summoning the elements and dancing in the rain. I only state that I take from the Wiccan creed because of the high reverence for nature, but to me a Witch is a Witch no matter the color – I have juts as much right to let the fire consume me, the rain nourish me, the wind lift my spirit and receive from other Witches in the circle with me as they do – it would be an issue if I were refused. My Satanic nature is a lot stronger though there are a few things I will not partake in at this point in my walk… plus I need my nature time I simply do. Anton LaVey and Peter Gilmmore are both brilliant – Anton especially and I wish he were here on earth with me – but I will see him in Hell soon enough. I simply don’t believe the purpose of a spiritual path is to follow one man’s words – that is not against Anton one iota. I choose to make my own path, after all I am in charge of me no one else – I take some Druid, Crowley, Buddhism and Kabbalism traditions and beliefs into my unique path also – I can only imagine the time when others will gain access to my BoS and Grimores… maybe a new occult will form from my path because the mixture will benefit other Witches and Warlocks that survive me. It is not about the label the urpose it to. draw energy and power from nature, knowledge and wisdom from animals and the earth itself, to participate in celebrations, holidays, celebrate with music and dancing and the confidence to be exposed if so led and just be open and unguarded and enjoy worship, regeneration, and festivals to interact with fellow believers since most Pagans generally walk a very solitary path and human interaction is needed sometimes. I won’t go into the details if paying homage to my Gods because I know it will only start a war – as xtians are not confident within themselves and don’t like to speak of such things,,, it offends them to hear real life stories of those of us that know how to experience true love, gratification, freedom and so forth – without any abandon, soul deep.

          I respect that because I can only imagine that the reason hearing details accounts of a Ritual, a Sacrifice, a Celebration or even a Solitary Time at my Altar with one of my Gods or Goddesses, probably evokes feelings within you that you have been taught it is wrong to ever have and so you feel guilty about them and are unsure how to stop them from happening. It’s always amazed me to hear that some paths are so uptight about carnal knowledge, gratification, and having or fulfilling desires… I mean we are human and whomever the Creator is – he made us in his image right? So that means He has all of the same feelings and more. In the old testament of your bible, the xtians took part in lewd acts also… until your homicidal God decided to take the entire town put and turn some into Salt Pillars. My God and My Goddess have never harmed me – or anyone I know or have read about. So I shall stay right where I am at. Oh and before you respond in a manner that makes me into a harlot –
          or a drunken fool – I am neither, far from it actually… married twice but was widowed the first time after 25 years… the gratification we partake
          in is nothing like portrayed in the movies unless that’s what the persons doing Ritual together decide. Personally I love to dance with my God and Goddess and play music for them, possibly beat on a drum in a drum circle with a good fire going. Our ways harm no one that doesn’t threaten harm to us or our families first. which if they try to the tables get turned and I am free to defend myself and all who are there as long
          as I don’t purposely keep the tension going to try and engage her in some trouble . that’s right the big bad Satanists are not out here raping and murdering and draining unwilling victims of their life blood. That’s not to say that I don’t do blood or animal sacrifices because I most assuredly do it pleases my Goid and Goddess as well as myself… it just means that it’s consented too – even begged for at times… but I have control over myself and would never take it too far as to cause permanent damage or death. I happen to be trained in keeping in constant awareness of the person that is lying there because of another portion of my life that I partake in at all times and I ensured that I was trained fully in case of any type emergency… It’s not about murdering someone and going to prison – it’s about offering honor and therefore more Power to my God, My Goddess gets replenished and my own thirst for blood cutting is sated. Nothing in life or death can possibly be as intense and fulfilling and life giving as my worship.

          • You need to be delivered because Satan is deceiving people in the last days. Why is it that when we spiritual people try to warn you guys because we love people because we was once deceived by Satan as well until God almighty open up my spiritual eyes to see the truth. Satan hates you. He rebelled against the Lord our God almighty kingdom and that’s why Satan hates mankind creation. We are the…ruler over alcreatures and every creeping thing. I pray in Jesus name that you will be filled in the holy spirit and that God will open up your spiritual eyes to see the truth about Lucifer in Jesus name. I don’t hate you I love you with the love of Christ Jesus. Christians are not supposed to judge others butpray God will give them spiritual guidance.

    • Finaly somebody is talkng some sense ;)

    • are you out of ur mind, satan is nothing but just a loser, he was defeated a long tym ago…… he is just a powerless little creature

  2. We have to be careful of the things around us because Satan and his liitle mindowrks are basically everywhere now. We have to hold on to God :)

    • I’m nt a worker,and I’m a poor guy,un educated,maginalise bt I need money to start my business to ease up my life bt i dnt hav anything to find that cash.Am i going to have that cash if i join Satanism?

      • my friend,money can make you greedy,dont fall into the wrong hands,and you are a worker,work for god and you’ll be saved from satan,one wrong move and satan has accomplished his task,becareful i pray that you have a strong heart

  3. The inverted cross is St Peter’s cross and symbolizes being unworthy of christ, not opposing him; it’s not intended to be a satanic symbol

    • I know that is the roman church’s explanation, but it representing being unworthy of Christ is a false interpretation – turning something upside down symbolically means its inversion or reversion, a sign of rebellion. This is why satanists use it, as you can see from the satanic alter image above.

      Roman church claims peter was crucified upside down, but what is the evidence of that? and even if he was, it is not Peter we should be making symbols to exalt and focus on, but Christ – so any christian should be depicting the cross the right way up, not upside down

    • People with distorted minds such as your’s do not deserve a response because you are so misled by your master so it’s like talking to a drunk who does not know what he’s talking about. Read the bible, an historical reference and your god will not win but is damned for all eternity which he knows and wants to capture as many lost souls as possible to join him–that would be you. You will be damned for all eternity, you know — FOREVER, if you do not change your way of thinking to the fact that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. I will pray for you.

    • he will not dominate, there is god and will among the hearts of Christians, satan wont win , because people will never go to his side

    • Jesus was a liar and nothing more then that! He deceived men and woman and still deceives you all! Christianity has stopped us from evolving as a society and as a race for hundreds of years. Want some examples about the Dark Ages or the Crusades (histories longest war that is still going on). Satan is not a monster but he is a man who the rest of the world deemed worthy when he defeated the great evil. His real name is Lucifer Morningstar and he is the lord of the blue castle and the head pf the God Head!

      • Boy! Are you being deceived. Their is no lie in God(Jesus). Your father(satan) has really got you convinced. Ask him what the back of the bible says, he already lost ,your daddy satan only speaks half truths. Come to Jesus and let Him save your soul, you will never know joy like this. Read Acts 2:38

  4. Disney is satanic all the way if u view your child dvd its everywere in it even in the title 666 check when they start the title Disney turns around showing 6 in the D then it stops then u see 6 in the dot of the I and in the y its crazy when u start looking its all there roponso has the sun god all over the film then for no reason they keep showing a unicorn by the way that’s satanic too. all in all Disneys is Satanic .

  5. Yes satan will raise JAY and he will get his ass kicked by your all mighty God and all you followers will die with him the only reason we r here is to weed us out, the good will have paradise the bad will burn wake up Jay ur going to Hell and u think that’s a good think! life is short if satan has u you loose big time . Ask for forgiveness while u still can.i don’t no whom u r but I will pray for u because u r so lost.

    • We may be damned, but it is the path we chose. We seek freedom from the restrictions placed upon us by a deity that asks us to be slaves. We choose freedom over slavery even in the face of endless torment and suffering. The left hand path is the way to enlightenment and true freedom, even if the cost is steep. The black flame will reveal the truth and in time many will realize that their chosen deity is no more worthy of worship than a narcissistic pedophile who gives life to his children so that he may then enslave and rape them for his pleasure.

  6. I would like to know if letting my kids watch Disney channels can influence them since they have no idea about these symbols. They just watch innocently. My family is a Christian family.

  7. I feel sorry for all those that follow satan why because he has not won one battle agianst God, even the death of Christ was setup by God so that humanity might be saved and why can’t certain people see how God cares for them I mean for someone to stand in your place for all the wrong you have done WOW! That really is amazing and there is no greater love than that which Christ has shown. lol if you worship Satan ask him if he will die for you like Christ did my best bet would be no he would not because he is a coward and jelous of humanity and is out too kill us in any possible way he can! So to all satanist think carefully, study that religion hard don’t be a dumb goat following blindly to your doom, I’m only 20 but I know one thing for shore satan can not be counted on even if your life depends on it! :)

  8. The one of ten commandments says thy shall not put any other gods before me. Also if you read 2 kings 17:17 says and they caused their sons and daughters to pass through the fire, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger. 1 Corinthians 8:4-6says As concerning the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one. For though there can be that are called gods, wether in heaven or on earth, as there be gods many, and lords many. But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him. Satan was kicked out of heaven before the foundation of this world and mankind. He deceives people for their sold. He comes to still, kill, and destroy. The bible is ber fufilled right before our eyes in America. The presidents of America since this land was discovered was never putting their trust in God almighty. They put their trust in false gods. They have always hide things behind American people. The secret society. Satan can’t fool God Almighty. Because the Lord our God knows everything before it happens. Satan knows he will be cast in ever lasting fire along with the other fallen angels. No body is powerful than the Lord our God Almighty. Evil the battle field either way it goes. Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess that Jesus is thy Lord savior. Rather you believe in him or not. No sin is allowed in the kingdom of God. Turn from your wicked ways and get to know him as your personal savior. He wants to get to know you, bless you, and love you. You can’t serve to masters. The kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of lightness. You will be judge. Everyone will have to face to creator when you die.

  9. The one of ten commandments says thy shall not put any other gods before me. Also if you read 2 kings 17:17 says and they caused their sons and daughters to pass through the fire, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger. 1 Corinthians 8:4-6 says As concerning the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one. For though there can be that are called gods, wether in heaven or on earth, as there be gods many, and lords many. But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him. Satan was kicked out of heaven before the foundation of this world and mankind. He deceives people for their sold. He comes to still, kill, and destroy. The bible is being fufilled right before our eyes in America. The presidents of America since this land was discovered was never putting their trust in God almighty. They put their trust in false gods. They have always hide things behind American people. The secret society. Satan can’t fool God Almighty. Because the Lord our God knows everything before it happens. Satan knows he will be cast in ever lasting fire along with the other fallen angels. No body is powerful than the Lord our God Almighty. Evil the battle field either way it goes. Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess that Jesus is thy Lord savior. Rather you believe in him or not. No sin is allowed in the kingdom of God. Turn from your wicked ways and get to know him as your personal savior. He wants to get to know you, bless you, and love you. You can’t serve to masters. The kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of lightness. You will be judge. Everyone will have to face to creator when you die.

    • Satan don’t care about you yolanda. Thank you Jesus for the holy spirit. I love you yolanda. Jesus Christ said love your enemies. God is coming soon. As I was in a shelter back in 2011 I heard the voice of the Lord said don’t be supprise when I crack the sky. These governments and presidents just don’t know what they are getting them self into calling on the kingdom of darkness. Acts 2:17-19 it says in the last days God will pour his holy spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall propecy. Young people seeing visions the old people dreaming dreams and on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my spirits and I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath; blood and fire, and vapor of smoke: the sun shall turned into darkness, and the moon into blood before that great and notable day of the Lord come. Ephesians 6:12 for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of this age, against wicked angels in heavenly places. Put on your full armor of God so that you would be able to stand against the devil and having done all, to stand. John 10:27 he says my sheep hear my voice I know of them, and they follow me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my father’s hands. Many are called but few are chosen. Please build a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and savior now. The heavens and earth will pass.away but God’s word will never pass away. He is going to create a new heaven and a new earth. Satan will be locked up in chains.for a thousand years. After those thousand years he a little while. Then he will try to deceive the city of the saints who God loves. Satan then thrown into the lake of fire with the false prophets and anti Christ. God always wins no matter what. Revelat 20-21 talks about what I just said. God bless my sister’s’s in Christ. Even my enemies. Like yolanda.

      • amen,let us keep reminding each other. i believe that it is so hard specially for unbelievers beacuse it is said in the bible,their spiritual eyes has been blinded by the darkness lord that is why even how tried we convinced they are deaf and already blinded by the truth.thats why many are called but few responded and chosen.the path of darkness is so easy to journey but God’s path is so tight that is hard to walk even elect can be decieved still and fallen by satan’s schemes.always check your heart if it still under the authority of Christ,some say they are but it doesnt make show on their actions.the truth is painful but its the way to set you free from our enemy’s captivity of every people God created.God created all human race but……….only few are children of God. God bless, readers

  10. How about everyone stop trying to convert people to Christianity? We are entitled to believe what we want regardless of what it is.

    • Florence, the Bible says that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Crist is Lord, so will you like or not. May GOD bless you and have mercy on you.

  11. IF satan comes, he will make everyone, including his followers, suffer. I think the symbols r cool and im into deathmetsl and i have dark humor, but that doesnt mean u are a satamist or whatevr

  12. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No one comes unto the father except through Him. JESUS IS LORD!!! JESUS IS KING!!! JESUS IS LIFE!!! Believe in Jesus and you shall be saved, you and your household. Isn’t that great! Hallelujah!

  13. If you haven’t believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and confessed Him as Lord of your life , (Romans-10:9,10) Then the end result will be eternal separation from the only true God .

    • I believe IN him I just (really really really) DON’T believe him. I may be 12 but God’s influence will never take hold of my soul. I have no soul. I’ve already sold it to Satan. ALL HAIL THE TRU LORD!!! HAIL LORD SATAN!!!

  14. I love these I have all of them tattooed on me so ppl will know dont judge me bcs of it I dont think I should believe in a god when he puts ppl so through much crap in life

  15. honestly i beleive that one day satan will come back and take over because what the bible says is wrong and what theyre teaching at the catholic church is wrong. i am just expressing my opinion. god judges you and jesus judges you and i think satan is also wiser because he doesnt judge nor give anyone bullshit.

  16. Yah! pictures and asymbols are cool bt wat z inside of em z wat z important. lyk dem all KIP CALM AND LOVE LUCIFER|||. Capital322 4sho!samfya

  17. believe or dont but the devil is alive i feel him breathin, in my sleep and in my conscienseness, he is alive… and he is going nowhere anytime soon. too bad “we” worshipers will prey on you, till your god saves you… but then agen if ther z no finish line who is the real winner…

  18. Our destiny is death. U cannot escape this. So are you gona spend eternity with Jesus in heaven or with Lucifer in hell. Once he has u in hell he will reveal his true self to you and may God have mercy on u. Jesus Christ gave his life for you. Dnt expect Satan to do that for u. Instead u will lose ur life for him and spend it it utter misery. So if u want peace and unexplained joy and contentment even if your world is falling apart go to Jesus. His arms are never too short to enfold you.

  19. Unfortunately, we live in the devil’s world and that is why there suffering and death that we have to endure. There was only one human that lived on this earth that was stronger than the devil and that was Jesus. He was the only one that was able to resist the devil’s temptation. He was sent to earth to give us a chance to resist the devil by becoming Christians. Florence, why is it when we do not care what you believe and definately believe in your right to not believe in Jesus; but you people want to tell us to “stop converting people to Christianity” ??!!??? And why is that messing with your lifestyle? What gives you the right to tell us what to do with our life? Being in Jesus DOES give us a peace that passes understanding, which is something that I truely wish you would be able to experience.

  20. “The great pastor Greg Laurie”?? The Word of God says that we are to study- in order to not end up ashamed- in order to rightly divide the truth. That means that things can be wrongly divided, distorted, that falsehood can be wrongly believed & taught. We are also warned that wolves in sheep’s clothing would come, false teachers entering in sneakily, entering in by the back door, as it were. You need to research these “men of god”

  21. True disciples study- they do not believe every spirit. They measure every thing, every claimed “truth” by the whole counsel of the Word of YHVH, IN CONTEXT. They research these so-called teachers, they look at their fruit, they survey their associates, their memberships in ngo’s, they learn how they “came into the ministry”, who their mentor/handler was, they follow the money-trail, they survey the ecumenical agreements they have signed, the compromises in their books that are against the Word of YHVH. They study like the bereans, they take no man’s word for it, they find out for themselves. Who is Chuck Smith really? Greg? Billy? Rick?

  22. True disciples survey the symbols these wolves use: the sun is extremely popular, as are the pagan phallic cross in crown (male rod in female circle, the pagan sex-organ worship), the modified star of rephan mentioned numerous times in the Word, found in Acts,now known falsely by a lying name, that came out of Assyria, brought by Solomon’s wives, an occultic symbol, a satanic symbol. If you’re not studying, you are going to be deceived by the great delusion foretold in 2 Thes.2. Why Sunday? Constantine, a sun-worshipper, ordered unto the death, that all worship take place on the Day of the Sun. What is the Johannim Comma? It was the passage added to the Bible that has become a “sacred cow.” What is the triqueta? Is it a godly symbol or a pagan symbol, out of ancient assyrian occult? What is God’s Name? Is it Jehovah or Yahweh? Has His personal Name really been lost? Is it really unpronouncable? Is there actually “no vowels in YHVH”? No. Is that V or W an English consonant, or an aramaic Vav? What is a Vav? What sound does it make? An uu sound? An oo sound? Hence, the letter name- the Double-U. When you study and discover the sounds that the 4 parts of the tetragrammaton make, & put those around together- what series of sounds, pronunciation, does that make? Really, ppl- Why aren’t you studying??! You were not called to be blind sheep following men. If you are truly YHVH’s, then you LOVE WISDOM, you LOVE the Truth, you won’t settle or compromise or fool around with or entertain falsehood at all!! You will search out a matter, you will search out the Truth, you will know the Truth, & it will Set you Free! Study!!

  23. Stop sending me emails. I do not care for Christianity. If you want to do something do it . But if people get hurt or disagree with you let them go . We all have chooses. Do not force others to part take in something they do not want . Just leave them alone ,they don’t care either about what you do . If you get all work up about people choosing differently then that’s your problem ,do not force something on others before looking at the big picture. By forcing them or judging them you are not being a good Christian. I know that your mission is to spread the word of God. But ,guess what ,everyone already knows it they simply do not want to take part in your believe and practices. Do not forget that God, your God, gave everyone independent free will to choose. If you have a problem with what others choose than you have a problem with God. You don’t need to like them or respect them ,just coexist with them . By belittling humanity you’re also belittling God. It is important that you understand that. Stop belittling God’s will . Live life and leave the “Satanists” alone . They won’t bother you as long as you don’t go to them . Do you know people convert to Satanist on their free will , no one tells them about it , or tell anyone to convert. Christians are the only ones that actually force people to convert . Stop being a Hitler. Stop targeting people who do not fall in your standards and forcing them to do something they do not want or care for . Please , stop it already. Is simply ignorance of rights , God given rights. Stop , please . I do not care of what you do . Just don’t evolve me in it or hurt people. That’s all I’m asking for.

  24. “the Bible is very clear about not making any graven image to represent the Creator.”
    ……So, does that mean even the crucifix is a graven image, that no ‘symbol’ what so ever shall be use in representation?

  25. Satan used to be the Angel of forgiveness. I do study Wicca I’m also atheist and all that and I can tell you that yeah their is symbols that are bad depends on the symbol. People who are bible bangers just need to just accept other people’s opinions and not get butthurt over other people’s opinions about God and Satan. and if your a bible bangers and preach to everyone you see and if they tell you to leave you alone just do it cause it pisses people off when you guys do. If the person doesn’t wanna believe in what you believe in don’t bother them.

  26. i WANT to go to hell so that i can aid in the rise of lucifer
    stop making hate comments cuz if i beleive in satan, let me

  27. Lucifer is the king lyk it or not.i m going to hell with him so dont deceive me about your god,life is a choice and death is a decision.get rich or die CASH MONEY

  28. Satan is a really bad guy first he was an angel. Why would he want to be bad. God is trying his best to make the world a better place. But satan is making it bad

  29. God is good and His plans are always perfect..Its nt too late,REPENT U PEOPLE!! the devil has blinded u,u have to see,JESUS IS NEAR TO COME THIS IS THE END TIMES…Make a good decision,hell was nt made for u bt for satan and his angels..if things are tough for you,tel me i wl help u in prayers.GOD LOVES U SO MUCH AND HE ALWAYS WANT U TO FOLLOW HIM!

  30. SO like i am not jugdeing anyones belief because i wouldnt want anyone to jugde what i believe in……….the “satan worshipers” are right if you are a christian and you believe in God why are you on a satanic website??????? I know that I am here because this is the first time i heared about anything like this and i was wondering what the big deal is……………….If you are a christian and you stand by your beliefs then you really shouldnt worry bout anybody else believes in, if they believe that satan will win the battle with God (which most likey he will not because you know God is God……..he created Luifcer……i guess we forgot that) So like i think that it would be best if you know chirstians stayed away from this page because like you never know what these “worshipers” can do i personally dont want to know so i think it would be best to leave them be because they are all willing going to hell…………and thats my two cents. :)

    • people want to be informed about what is going on, and if you look at the satanism and illuminism creeping into mainstream secular culture, such as in movies and being promoted by lady gaga, kesha, rihanna, jessie j, madonna, lana del rey, kanye, jay z, and many others it is clear there is a pushing of these satanic symbols and ideas subliminally. Not only by them but by big businesses like google, apple, all the people in power in this world just now are under satans control and are being used to push his agenda and corrupt people – to understand and be aware of what these symbols and others mean helps people be warned about what is really going on, so as not to become trapped and deceived by it.

  31. this misconception has to be fixed. check this out, Jesus(the savior) is the king ryt and God is his father. God sent his son to come and die for u and want to die for satan? damn thts messed up. ok judgement day is close. wht do u say to God whn he says something like “my child i gave you life and not to be an animal but to be human, and u sinned yet i still sent my child to save u agn and you give away wht i gave u? who gave u the authority to do this?” wht would u say?

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